Business Loans

Need Working Capital?
Need Money For Any Reason?

Business Loans - Cash Advance

 NO Collateral Required !
 Personal Credit Not Important
 $5,000 - $2,000,000
 24 hour approval
 5 day funding

Minimum Requirements:
   •  Must be in business at least 4 months.
   •  $5,000 in monthly credit card processing sales or
   •  15,000 in monthly sales for four consecutively months.

Application Process:
   •  Submit last four months bank statements
   •  Last four months credit card processing statements
   •  Complete the one-page application
   •  Email or fax all the required items

24 Hour Approval:
   •  After receipt of your application and statements,
   •  Your business can expect a written response within 24 hours.

Terms of the Loan:

1. The funding amount
2. The amount of interest
3. The amount of the daily payments (payback)
4. The terms of the loan (how many months to pay it back)

To Get Started:
   •  Fill-in the form online and request an application

Multiple Locations:
   •  Statements and the application are required for each location requesting funding.