Merchant Account Types

1. Retail Stores

Use an electronic terminal with a built–in printer. This unit will allow the merchant to slide the credit card through the machine or key in the information if the transaction is a telephone order.

Electronic units offer end of the day totals. All units come with built–in printers which allow the customer and the merchant to have a copy of the receipt.

2. Restaurants

There are two types of electronic terminals designed for restaurants. For smaller restaurants we suggest the regular terminal which transacts up to 300 transactions per day. Built–in printers allow a copy of the receipts to be printed in three seconds, with tip or without tip. Tips- The terminal will keep a record of the tips and the server the tips belongs to. At any time you can access a copy of the server's tips and the total sales for the restaurant.

Restaurants with 1000 per day or more transactions will need our, finger touch screen, which will keep track of each transaction by server, by date, by tip, by amount, by meal # and by transaction number. This unit will accept up to 3,000 customers per day. Order one unit or several.

3. Wireless Credit Card Machines

For limousines, taxis, electricians , plumbers, and trade shows. This small , wireless unit comes with a built-in printer for record keeping. This system allows you to check your daily totals at any time.

The battery will last up to 5 days without charging it again. The battery shuts itself off to save usage time. It's Energy efficient.

4. Online, Gateway & Shopping Carts

Accept major credit cards online, securely.

a. If you sell one item or 5000 items, we will manage your shopping cart and gateway.

b. You can enter the credit card number into your system or your customers can view your website and enter in their own order. Maintenance for your shopping cart is simple, easy and 24 hours, with full reporting daily.

5. Multiple locations

If you have more than one retail store or restaurant, we can custom a credit card processing system for your business. Software or hardware is available at a discount for several locations or several computer terminals.

6. Use your own cell phone to process credit cards= ARU

If you do not accept a lot of credit cards daily, you can use your own, existing cell telephone to complete a transaction at a low cost. ARU is available to all mobile merchants. This is ideal for a small volume merchant.

7. Gas Stations and Gas Pumps- Pay at the Pump

Credit card processing is available at the gas pump. Pay at the pump is now available at a low cost to the merchant.

8. Check Guarantee Service

Check protection for those checks that are returned by your bank for the non-sufficient funds, closed account or fraudulent checks from customers.

You will be refunded the face value of the returned check immediately plus the bank fee. You can approve all checks by calling the 800# or checks can be approved by entering the transactions into your electronic, credit card machine. Take the fear out of accepting personal cheks from your customers.

9. Gift cards

We will provide your company with Visa Gift Cards which your customers can purchase from you and give away as gifts. We can also put your company logo on your personalized Gift Cards.

10. Mail Order & Telephone Order

If you have multiple computers, we can customize a software system for your company's order taking.

11. ATM Cash Dipensers

The cash despenser is filled up with the company's cash and you will earn up to $2.00 per transaction. The unit holds up to 500 $20 bills. The unit is installed in your place of business by the manufacture. When a customer uses the ATM Cash Dispenser, the funds are deducted from the customers's bank account, plus the $2.00 fee, and deposited into your business checking account.

12. Smart Phone and i-Pad Credit Card Processing

For merchants that travel we'll give you a free i-Dynamo to attach to your i-Phone or your i-Pad.