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Retailers and Restaurants

Processing Solutions: We are committed to providing the most effective credit card processing solutions for your type of business. We pride ourselves with the latest in electronic terminals, smart phone processing, wireless units, online processing for gateway and shopping carts.

Multiple location businesses can have an easy to learn system which we will custom for your credit card transactions and the method in which your customers purchase your items and services. Mail order and telephone orders can be processed with a software service we provide according to the number of computer terminals you have.

Hotels - We have hardware and software for multiple transactions per day. Look online to monitor your daily totals and up to the minute, per credit card type. Make reservations for hotel rooms while using our 24 hour credit card processing systems.

Doctors- Use a single electronic system or Virtual Merchant online. Keep track of your daily totals of Visa, MasterCard, ATM , Discover and American Express.

Mobile Merchants- Smart phone adaptors, I-pads, taxi cabs, limousines, trade shows, flea markets, hotel lobbies, and plumbers. We have the perfect wireless, credit card machine with a built-in printer. It uses an auto-battery and does not need a telephone line.

Online Processing - Virtual merchants shopping cart and gateway enter your customer's credit card information using your computer.

Cash Advance - We can provide our merchants with a CASH ADVANCE up to $2,000,000 towards your future transactions. Credit is not important. It's all based upon your credit card transaction totals.

Business Loans - Cash Advance
NO Collateral Required !
Personal Credit Not Important
$5,000 - $2,000,000
24 hour approval
5 day funding